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Jul 11 '12


(Heterosexual) male privilege is talking about how bad it is to have a gay man incessantly hit on you when you aren’t interested, having it accepted as a common opinion, and still not understand how a woman can feel the same way when you do the same thing.

Male privilege is telling women on the street - who you’ve never met before - to smile, and then acting offended when they don’t.

Male privilege is describing women being cautious about sexual assault as “misandry”, then, in another situation, blaming a victim for (apparently) not being cautious enough.

Male privilege is making jokes about women and using women’s offended responses as proof that they’re “overly sensitive” or “melodramatic”, then using women making jokes about men as proof that women are “callous” and “bitchy”.

Male privilege is being offended at being called sexist, but making fun of women who are offended at actual sexism.

Male privilege is complaining when women don’t reward treating them with basic dignity with sex. Male privilege is thinking you “deserve” or are “owed” a woman. Male privilege is treating friendships with women as failed conquests. Male privilege is putting the blame on women for not wanting to date you, instead of accepting that dating is not a one-sided thing. (In regards to “the friend zone”).

Male privilege is thinking that when you’re hired instead of a woman, it’s because you’re more qualified, but when a woman is hired instead of you, it’s affirmative action or she slept with them.

Male privilege is thinking you’re entitled to make comments about women’s bodies and clothes whenever you please, and then telling women they should feel flattered by this.

Male privilege is thinking conscription is a valid proof of “misandry” when the last conscripted soldier left the US army in 1973 and the UK army in 1963, and when more women are killed in their homes by their male partners every year than male soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq put together.

Male privilege is calling all nerdy women “fakers” and making them “prove” they’re nerds with questions, while doing no such thing for male nerds.

Male privilege is assuming everyone is male until proven otherwise, and also recieving little to no criticism for doing so.

Male privilege is expecting the lead in any film or TV series to be the same gender as you, and being correct almost every single time. (Seriously - how many movies not SPECIFICALLY aimed at women have female leads? How many movies not SPECIFICALLY amed at men have male leads?)

Male privilege is having your country leader and the majority of the legislative body be the same gender as you, and have your gender’s interests in mind.

Male privilege is having bodily autonomy.

(Cis) male privilege is not having to worry about visiting foreign countries because you know how poorly they treat your gender there.

Male privilege is having no risk presented to your career if you choose to start a family.

Male privilege is acting like women having maternity leaves is biological fact without realising that (aside from the birth) men can stay home and look after the newborn baby just fine - you just assume that the woman has to do it.

Male privilege is walking around in summer with just shorts on, but criticising any woman who’d do the same (… even if she’s still wearing more than you!).

Male privilege is sleeping with whomever you like, but calling any woman who does the same (even if she does so less than you) a “whore” who “has no self-respect”.

Male privilege is expecting to be just as, or even more, desirable because you’re sexually active/experienced, yet considering any woman who’s done the same “worthless”, “disgusting” or “cheap”.

Male privilege is ogling, touching or making unsolicited sexual advances at women and saying you “can’t help it” and “men are naturally like that”, then saying that it’s misandry when women agree that all men just “can’t help themselves” and “are naturally like that”.

Male privilege is thinking “being respectful and decent to a woman” is synonymous with “chivalry”… male privilege is not doing the former in order to “get back at feminists” who say the latter is misogynistic.

(Source: all-about-male-privilege)

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