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Jun 19 '12

My way of stopping sexist guys in online games


I was playing Mass Effect multiplayer in a private match, and in the middle of a wave, a Phantom (one of the few grunt enemies who is a woman) was trying to kill the team. As we were making the killing blow, this one guy, the only person I hadn’t played with before, shouted “Get back in the kitchen!”

Well this guy didn’t realize that I was a woman, and I quickly lectured him on how asinine jokes does not bode well with team comradery. This was a tough Gold mission, and the kitchen-joke-making jerk was a really low level and by far the lowest scoring person on the team, while I, as a Salarian Infiltrator, had the highest score by far.

He didn’t respond well to my asking him to check himself, so I told him that “Unless you apologize or say you’ll stop making those stupid jokes, I’m not going to revive you or help you out or anything.”

In less than thirty seconds he died, and although as an Infiltrator, I make the best medic, I didn’t revive him. With each passing wave, he kept on getting frustrated as not only did he continuously die and received no help from myself, particularly since I also didn’t inform him when instant-kill enemies were right on him, but I also made sure to snipe every enemy he was about to kill so that each round was not a fun experience for him.

This continued until he shut up and said he wouldn’t be making those jokes anymore.

No one makes a kitchen joke on my gaming turf!


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